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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Remember Our Last Thanksgivings?

This blogging thing is so much fun! As I am here, trying to figure this computer out, I am seeing pictures and thinking about my family and all the wonderful blessings we have had in the last couple of years and it almost brought me to tears. Actually it did!

We have had 2 new babies who are the cutest ever. It was this time last year that we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Harley Any day!
Wayne, I & the boys went to Montana for Thanksgiving because we couldn't stand the thought of Greg & Megan having Thanksgiving alone and without us. As we were there, of course, Harley decides to come into our world. Wow, that was amazing. We could hardly wait to get home to see her.
Now she is a year old and we are officially grandparents with 2
grand kids and loving every minute of it. Cameron joins in on the fun and he is
so adorable!

Jacob left for South Africa at Thanksgiving 2 years ago and will
be back the day before Thanksgiving this year! I can hardly wait.
Wes will spend his first Thanksgiving in Tonga and is loving his time there so much that he feel he doesn't even need to write home!

Here are our darling little Hanberg babies while we were on our
Cody vacation. That was so much fun. I hope we have many of these memorable
times to come!

I am so grateful for our blessings, which are many. I hope we have a grateful heart this Thanksgiving season and enjoy those around us and treasure each one!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Big Hunt 2008

Harley loves to ride the 4-wheeler.

You may want to ask Randy why he hasn't cut his hair!

HalloWeen 2008

Harley Loves Grandma's glasses!
Sarah Palin for V.P.!

Baby Bumble Bee!